Healthy, Simple & Delicious!

How It Works

Long Island Meals provides clients an easy to use, meal selection process and customizer. Simply sign up for the program that best suits your needs in our Sign Up Page. Once you are a member you submit your meal selections every Thursday for the following week!

Once you have become a member, all clients submit meal selections on our Menu Submission Page every Thursday for the following week. Your meals are made fresh every Sunday and Wednesday, packaged and delivered overnight guaranteed at your door by 4:00am Monday and Thursday Morning in Long Island Meals cooler bags

Nutritional Philosphy

There was a time when, we ate from all natural organic sources, not frozen food boxes. We firmly believe that food is a source of nourishment, it should not be a cause of disease. Today's quick on the go fix is the Dollar menus and their highly processed foods which have replaced our local farmers and organic food sources. It's time to take back control of our nutrition and, ultimately, our lives. As a company, Long Island Meals is more than just a meal service. It’s a source of hope - hope that you can trust a company to care about your health, to select the highest quality ingredients, and to give you the ability to take back control of your life, one meal at a time. We didn’t invent quality nutrition; we simply decided to stand behind it!